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The 2016 Wiltshire Cross Country Championships took place on 11th December at Bath University in conjunction with the XC Championships for Somerset and Avon.

11th December 2016 Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

13th December 2015 Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

14th December 2014 Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

8th December 2013: Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

9th December 2012: Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

11th December 2011: Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

12th December 2010: Wiltshire XC Championships - Bath University

29th November 2009: Wiltshire XC Championships - Corsham Park

A pack of three break away early in the race Holly Rush coming home for her 2010 XC crown

The start of the Senior Mens race 2010 Michael Towler of AVR leads a chasing pack

 9th March 2013 - National Inter-Counties XC Championships - Cofton Park, Birmingham.

5th January 2014 - SW XC Championships - Killerton House, Exeter