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Tri County XC Championships

Wiltshire XC Championships

Held alongside the county XC Championships for Avon & Somerset

Race #4 of the Wiltshire Off Road Race League

To be held at Bath University on Sunday 10th December 2017

Rules - Events are subject to UK Athletics Rules and Regulations; Midland County permit applied for; Club colours must be worn; The decision of the race referee is final.

Online Entry 

Closing date for online entries Monday 4th December 2017. Entries received before 30th November will appear in the official event programme.

Race numbers and programmes are to be collected at your County Race HQ tent on the day of the event at least 30 minutes before your event starts. Guests number collection and main Race HQ at the Wiltshire Athletic Association tent.

Age Groups & distances (approx.)         

U11 Girls & U11 Boys (1.9km – 1 short lap) -11.00 a.m./11.15 a.m.

U13 Girls & U13 Boys (2.8km – 1 long lap) -11.30 a.m./11.50 a.m.

U15 Girls & U15 Boys (3.8km – 2 short laps) - 12.10 p.m./12.30 p.m.

U17 & U20 Women (4.7km – 1 short and 1 long lap) - 12.50 p.m.

U17 & U20 Men (5.7km – 3 short laps) – 1.10 p.m.

SW & Veteran Ladies (6.6km – 2 short and 1 long laps) – 1.40 p.m.

SM & Veteran Men (10.3km - 1 short and 3 long laps) – 2.10 p.m.

All ages (including Under-20 Men and Women) on 31 August 2017. Veteran Men and Ladies and under-11s age on race day. 

Course map is here

Refreshments Cafe2U will be in the carpark for purchase of hot tea and coffee on the day.

Enquiries by e-mail to:

Eligibility To race for a county in the Tri-Counties event you must meet one of the following criteria and have not competed for another county in the previous year:

1. Birth (within the County as it is today)                 

2. Residence within the County over the last 9 months)              

3. Armed Forces based in the County over the last 9 months

For more details on eligibility please check here.